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Hi, I'm Rachael Nash of Organising With Rachael.

I'm Rachael Nash of Organising With Rachael.

I became a senior move consultant because I believe my clients' later years should be a time for sharing, reflection and enjoyment, not stressing about their future and feeling unsupported.


Having been brought up by my grandparents, I learnt the importance of family history, compassion and good manners and I feel it's my duty to uphold those values in my work and give back to the generations that have given us so much.

I've previously worked in child care, retail, business administration and bookkeeping where I loved to implement systems and create order. Coincidentally, I also helped set up my Dad's unit and garage after my step mum passed away at about the same time.


The challenges we faced when letting go of her belongings while still respecting her memory were immense but formative and I decided I wanted to help others do the same for their loved ones.

When I'm not helping clients in their home I can be found cooking, doing embroidery, travelling and watching British telly.

My accomplishments are:

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