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15 Christmas Presents For Your Senior Rellies That Aren’t Beige Socks

Finding the best gifts for seniors

Not sure what to get seniors for Christmas? It’s a special time for families and you want to show you care, in just the right way. Accumulating more ‘stuff’ is probably not helpful - where will it fit? And, more importantly, who’s going to clean it? When you want to make sure your gift will be appreciated and valued, it’s time to get creative. Try these thoughtful, low-waste gifts, that don’t add to clutter, or are tossed in landfill as soon as you’ve left. It’s easy to be kind to the environment this Christmas with gifts that won’t have Nanna saying, “That’s nice, Dear.”

Experiences to delight the senior explorer

We’re creatures of habit and often will settle into a comfortable routine. There could be shops and eateries lurking in our own suburbs we haven’t seen. Or, how about exploring local neighbourhoods, or a trip to the city?

Activities and outings where you can spend time together with your senior loved ones make great gift ideas:

- Visit a gallery, museum or see a live show.

- Enjoy a restaurant gift card – support our vibrant hospitality industry.

- Learn how to repair a wooden piece of furniture or appliance at a Men’s shed together – you can bring the (grand-) kids. Great for the young, and young at heart.

Subscriptions – you can set and forget

Getting close to important dates, you need to be super organised to get gifts on time, especially if there are postage times to add on.

You can nail Christmas this year by setting up a subscription to a regular service. Set, sorted and automated.

Try these creative ideas to continue putting a smile on your senior loved one’s face, month after month:

- Join – a great way to learn new crafts or reignite old hobbies from the comfort of home.

- Receive your favourite magazine – you can go digital and view it online to save paper.

- Fresh flowers each month – breathe new life and add colour into a living space.

(and it’s not too late… the subscription and anticipation of exciting stuff to come is the gift. Delivery after the festive season? That’s a gift that keeps on giving!)

Recording memories and family history

The experience of reliving fond family memories is priceless. Spending time to reflect and reminisce on travels, special moments and family events is a really thoughtful way to share appreciation and gratefulness this Christmas.

You can gain new insights into your family tree as well. You could try these out:

- Explore your heritage with – from a DNA test you can enjoy discoveries that can also be passed down through your family.

- Get photos out and record your loved one talking about their memories – write all the names and dates and digitise them. You can engage a photo scanning service to help.

- Buy a digital printer for your loved one to print photos at home from their phone – scrapbook with kids for added fun.

Supporting health and wellbeing for seniors

Making everyday things just a little bit easier can make a huge difference to getting the most out of life. Here are some helpful gifts for seniors that might become daily essentials:

- The Dawn clock – – gentle reminders for greater independence and peace of mind. Dementia-friendly.

- Kindle device – adjustable font size and brightness for low vision.

- Massage lotion or aromatherapy oils with cold/hot compress – very soothing for arthritis sufferers.

Enjoy and have fun with gifts for seniors this Christmas

Don’t forget the old favourites – consumable treats, games, and books are sure to be welcomed in the holiday season.

- - gift boxes or hampers for the tea, chocolate or cheese lover. Seniors may not get to buy for themselves so these will be a real treat!

- the Rural Bookshop is really supporting local and discovering our own backyard.

- - enjoy many hours shared playing scrabble and teaching the kids new words

You can find new and interesting Christmas presents for seniors

Remember, the gift of your presence is the most important aspect of Christmas. Your senior loved one will appreciate having a laugh with you and sharing your company – even if you need to dial-in to join from afar. You can take these ideas as inspiration to find new and interesting gifts that fit a range of budgets, to bring you closer this Christmas.

Over to you

Whether it’s over a fruit mince pie or slice of pav, your discussion may turn to what the future holds for your loved one after an especially challenging year of isolation (for a lot of us). If the thought of helping your ageing parents move leaves you sweating more than a paddle pop in the sun, rest assured you can call me for help on 0478 031 602.

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