The first step is a complimentary in-home consultation that usually lasts up to two hours.

During this initial visit I learn about your current situation, plans for the future, specific requirements and generally get to know what would make you happy during this period of change in your life. I'd be happy to meet family/friends on this occasion too.

Once I've understood your needs, I'll fully explain my services in detail and ask you to show me through your home. This is when I learn what you want to take, the potential downsizing required and living arrangements to replicate in your new home.

We then discuss what services you'd like and I provide you with a written quote for the package.

My packages are as unique as my clients and you can select as many or few services as you need. Supporting your physical and emotional needs during this time is my priority and I go at your pace.

Please review my services below and contact me on

0478 031 602 to discuss your needs.

Assorted Plates and Bowls
1. Home Consultation
  • Learn about your preferences, needs, budget and time frame

  • View your home, living arrangements, interior style and amount of decluttering required

  • Explain services, procedure and pricing

2. Timeline & Floor Planning
Building Plans
  • Establish the timeline for your entire move

  • Set up communication with family members

  • Create furniture wish list and confirm ideal floor plan for new home

  • Arrange for storage if necessary

3. Sorting & Inventory Management
Books and Magazines
  • Sort items to sell, gift, donate, recycle or take to your new home

  • Pack and drop-off donations and arrange resale of items

  • Pack and post items to family members and friends

  • Create inventory of items and storage plan for new home

4. Packing
Bubble Rolls
  • Arrange packing of your household belongings

  • Confirm scheduling with the removalists

  • Pass on inventory and instructions for removalists

  • Ensure medications and other essential items are easily accessible and packed separately

5. Moving
Movers Carrying Packages
  • Provide emotional support on the big day

  • Supervise the removalists to ensure correct furniture placement

  • Arrange for home maintenance and cleaning of old home

  • Co-ordinate services in preparation for sale of old home

6. Home Sweet Home
Woman Reading
  • Unpack and decorate your new home according to the plan

  • Set up electronics and washing machine

  • Vacuum and make your bed ready for you to put your feet up!

  • Check-in with you later to see how you are and implement any suggested changes