"It is a pleasure to provide this testimony for Organising with Rachael. I had culled my wardrobe and was ready to take the next ruthless step. Rachael was perfect for the job.  After the appointment I was very happy, but now 5 weeks later I am delighted with the changes. No more wardrobe rage, no more lost clothing items. I recently wore a top I had made overseas in 2005 that I had never worn and forgotten about.


Simple things, like using the correct coat hangers have made things more efficient. I had a habit of hanging singlets and sleeveless clothes all looped onto the hook of one hanger. They all now have their own hangers and can be flicked through and found easily, rather than lost or on the 'floordrobe'.


Removing duplicate black items was also helpful. As part of that process, we were able to come up with more mix and match outfits.  All of a sudden there is colour in my wardrobe, rather than black, black and more black dominating the space. Rachael was also helpful and encouraged me to let go of old over-worn favorites.


Rachael also suggested working on the basket of bed linen that is messily folded at the top of my wardrobe. Without judgment, she sensitively accepted the situation when told I will probably never store it any other way!


Going through the exercise was far less uncomfortable than I thought it would be and Rachael made it fun. It was well worth it once everything was back in the wardrobe or in the car for donation. Especially when I receive compliments on my ‘new outfits’."

Julie, Macedon Ranges



"Thank you so much Rachael! From our initial phone conversation through to the last recycling box, you put my mind at ease and helped me to see the possibilities for my home. I was skeptical at first about how this would work but from the word go you were proactive in imparting skills for future organisation, helping me to categorise my things and asking me the important questions that helped me part with so much unnecessary ‘stuff’. You've given me the momentum to continue decluttering. I'll definitely be recommending your services."

Archie, North Melbourne